Save the Queen

Join the community in
bringing Miss Fancy back to
Avondale Park

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The Plan for the Park

A new entrance with a life-size Miss Fancy statue and splash pad.

Drive Economic

Miss Fancy's memory lives on, as businesses pay homage through craft brews and signature sauces. Help us encourage a vibrant community to make Avondale a must-visit destination.

Family Fun

Miss Fancy was known for her love of children and her residence in Avondale Park, so it’s only fitting that her statue be turned into a fun splash pad for the kids.

Create an
Anchor Point

Revitalize the entrance to the park, creating an anchor point for the community, the way Railroad Park has been for Downtown Birmingham.

Avondale’s Historic Miss Fancy

Dubbed, The Queen of Avondale, Miss Fancy was a gentle Indian elephant that served as the main attraction of the Birmingham Zoo, originally located in the Southeast corner of Avondale Park from 1913 to 1934. She loved the children of Avondale and anyone who offered her special treats, she always marched in local parades, and she occasionally wandered freely throughout the community of Avondale.

The Queen’s Royal Court

Special thanks to our current partners for helping
reinstate the Queen to her rightful throne!

Behind the Save the Queen Campaign

The Council family and Friends of Avondale have joined forces to bring Miss Fancy back to her rightful place. Ron Council was a Birmingham community leader passionate about Forest Park and Avondale—which held a special place in his heart.

He helped spearhead the renovation of the park, and loved the idea of giving back to the community he cared about so much. After his father’s death, Bryan Council has since taken the initiative to finish what his father started, and to carry on his legacy of giving back to the community.